The Team

The Team

Dr. Lollie Krouse, DVM

Hailing from Colorado and a proud alumnus of Ross University in St. Kitts, Dr. Lollie Krouse completed her clinical year at CSU in Fort Collins. Now settled in New York, she surrounds herself with the companionship of her two dogs, Axel and Pudge, and her bird, Mars. An avid nature lover, Dr. Krouse spends her downtime paddleboarding on serene lakes and exploring hiking trails when she’s not curled up at home with a good book. She tries to bring the peace she finds in the world back to Compassion Veterinary Center.

Dr. Shaprio

Dr. Melanie Shapiro, a seasoned veterinarian specializing in general practice and urgent care, recently relocated from Phoenix, AZ, to be closer to family and friends. Her most recent position was working in the Urgent Care Department of Companion Animal Clinic at Midwestern University. From an extensive career in New York City to Arizona and now coming to Compassion Veterinary Center, she showcases her commitment to animal care, providing peace of mind to pet owners and a caring environment for their beloved animals.

Meghan Gibbons, Assistant

Veterinary medicine runs in Meghan’s family. Growing up on a farm and being a part of 4-H with a family deeply entrenched in vet med, Meghan’s passion for animals has only grown. After years of working with large animals, she transitioned to small animals and is working toward obtaining her LVT. For Meghan, animals are her life. Her love for her horses and other animals shines through in her gentle care at Compassion Veterinary Center.

Adriana Humphrey, Manager

Growing up among horses and other animals, Adriana’s transition from a military career to veterinary medicine was natural. At Compassion Veterinary Center, she brings her dedication and diverse skills, including equine and canine massage therapy. When she’s not managing the center, Adriana develops her farm and rental properties, rides motorcycles, and spends time with her beloved dogs and horses.

Kristin Reinheimer, LVT

Kristin’s lifelong commitment to animals began in a home brimming with pets and volunteering at a local animal hospital. A SUNY Ulster alum, Kristin has covered many roles in veterinary medicine and is now a seasoned LVT. Her abdominal ultrasound and veterinary burnout preparedness qualifications enhance her work at Compassion Veterinary Center, where she loves to mentor interns and LVTs-in-training. Outside work, she enjoys adventures with her husband and three children and is passionate about people’s well-being. Kristin has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and is working towards a Master’s in Clinic Mental Health Counseling.

Shannon Monteverdi, CSR

Shannon brings a unique perspective to Compassion Veterinary Center from her background in human medicine after attending Dutchess Community College. Her journey in the building, now a busy vet clinic, began when it was a medical office. Shannon currently lives in Highland with her husband and three sons. Her downtime is filled with books and attending her sons’ sports events, embodying the caring spirit she brings to every client interaction.

Noah Krouse, Manager

A Colorado native now living in New York, Noah thrives on adrenaline and the great outdoors. His passions span from snowboarding and kiteboarding to motorcycles and climbing, reflecting his dynamic approach to life and management at Compassion Veterinary Center. Noah’s adventurous spirit and love for animals align perfectly with his role, ensuring every day is as vibrant as the last.

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