Urgent Care

Urgent Care

In Times of Need, Let Us Be Your Trusted

Partner in Pet Health

In moments when your beloved pet faces a health crisis, you need a veterinarian you can trust to provide immediate and compassionate attention. Compassion Veterinary Center offers dedicated pet urgent care services, ensuring your furry family member gets the timely medical intervention they need.

Urgent Care Hours Tailored for Your Needs
We understand that emergencies don’t always adhere to a 9-5 schedule. That’s why our hospital offers extended urgent care hours to serve the needs of your pets. Our comprehensive service hours are:

General Practice Care:
Monday–Friday: 8:30am–5:30 pm

Saturday: 10 am–12 pm

Urgent Care:

Friday, Saturday, and Monday: 10am – 10pm

CLOSED on Sunday

When to Seek Pet Urgent Care

When your pet is unwell, every second can feel like an eternity. During our urgent care hours, our team is here to address various health issues, from sudden illnesses to accidents. The goal is to stabilize, diagnose, and treat your pet, prioritizing their comfort and well-being. If you notice any of the below symptoms in your pet or any other concerning behaviors, please call us.

Preparing for Your Visit

To ensure the most efficient and effective care upon your arrival, we request that you call before bringing your pet to our hospital. This advanced notice enables our team to make the necessary preparations and gather any required resources, ensuring your pet receives immediate attention.

Compassion When It Counts

It can be stressful when your pet is sick or injured and needs immediate care. At Compassion Veterinary Center, our pet urgent care services alleviate this stress, offering professional care with a gentle touch. In times of need, let us be your trusted partner in pet health.

Compassion Veterinary Center provides pet urgent care for cats and dogs in Highland, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, and Hyde Park.